Donations to Wear Your Scars Proud will help break the cycles of abuse. In order to break the cycles of abuse, we first have to acknowledge the victims of abuse need all of our help. I don’t like to use the word VICTIMS, But unfortunately that is the label we our given before we become victors. Nobody chooses to be a victim, but we do choose to be victors. When I was living life as a victim there was not a day that went by that I did not think about how I was going to get from a victim to a victor. There was a huge problem, resources were limited. There was many good people in my life that offered advice, but most did not want to get involed in fear my abuser would come after them, with the friends and family that I did let know what was going on ” I always had to say,  if I tell you what he is doing to me please don’t say anything” in fear of what my abuser would do to me when he found out I was talking about the abuse. My trust in some was broken and other would tell me they did not want me to come visit them any longer until I got out of the situation. I was told anything from I was stuiped for staying or I must like it because I had not left him. But it’s not that easy, if it was that easy to get away from an abuser we would not be having these discussions, I would seek professional counseling only to be told what I already knew and that was to get out , there was limited resources. I could go stay at a woman”s shelter, until I could figure something else out. And I did go to a woman’s shelter, it was short lived because he was harassing anyone who he thought might know where I was. I felt like I was fourced to go back and hope for the best. I would continue to live with the abuse in search of a solution. The hard truth is getting out of the situation can be just as bad as staying if not worse.

All I wanted was a safe place without putting anybody else in danger, and nobody putting all the stipulations on me. All the stipulations put more fear in me and kept me from leaving, what if I could not measure up to what everyone else wanted from me, I didn’t have a clear plan, I didn’t even know who I was anymore. I went from having a successful career, to being disabled from the the abuse of my ex husband.

There are woman and men, young children, teenagers that are living in abuse daily feeling helpless and hopeless. But it dose not have to be like this we need your help. I can not do this alone, Your help will help victims that so desperately want to be free of abuse and deserve to live life with out someone violating their personal space, they don’t deserve to be ignored because society doesn’t understand the brutal fear that comes with abuse..

Your donations will help provide safe housing, (my goal is to build or buy housing with  multiple spaces where we can house those who have chose to leave their abuser and get the resources they need to get a fresh start. Each woman/man , mother or father with there children, should have their own space. Where we can all be a team together helping each other. It’s people like you and I that can bring light  to many in need, we can provide not only a safe place for them to land, but also food and clothing. Put the resouces in their hands to help them gain independency once again. We want everyone who comes to leave better than when they arrived, we want then to know that their past wounds have healed and their scars,  internally and physically are remiders that they are no longer a victim but a VICTOR!!!!!!!

I am very fortunate to be a survivor of Domestic Violence, and  maybe you are to, I want to share my story to give others hope,  I understand it can be a dark lonely world, where your shame will outweigh your pain. Together we can change how the world see abuse, we can link arms and hearts with those in need of our help, someone somewhere is praying help will come sooner than later, some don’t even know where to begin because they have lost hope, or they think nobody cares, some have no one to talk to..Do you know of someone else you can share this website with that wants to impact someones life, would you tell them about WEAR YOUR SCARS PROUD..COM Maybe you know of someone who has a talent that they could contribute. If you would like me to contact them directly you can e-mail me ar

As I will continue to do the job God has called me to do,,,, I will never forget where I came from ,,,Together we can pray that all can WEAR THERE SCARS PROUD, first we must heal the wound(s).

I want to reach from coast to coast, north to south, ABUSE is at an all time high everywhere, we need to act now and save lives. It’s time to stop hearing about someone’s abuse after the fact when it’s to late to help, We all can make a difference and take actions. Victims need to know that we care and we want to help and protect them.

I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions please feel free to contact me.

One last thing as a survivor of Domestic Violence I was to ashamed of the life I was living and I kept most of what I was going through to myself, If you are a victim of abuse no matter what kind of abuse it is,,, IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT AND YOU DESERVE SO MUCH MORE. I am trying to raise the funds to build this foundation , to help as many people who ask for help,,,, Remember I can not do this a lone and I never want to turn anyone away that is in need of help. Thank You and God Bless You



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